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What we offer

All of our work is hand produced, not factory made. The benefits to clients include a personalised service, sampling, fast turnaround, and no minimum orders.

However, due to the labour intensive nature of screen printing and dyeing by hand, projects are priced accordingly. Prices are often higher than those offered by larger factory producers.

Each piece of work is individual, and whilst we endeavour to exactly replicate the customer’s requirements, slight differences between separate orders are sometimes unavoidable. Occasional spots and blemishes may also occur:

Recommendations to clients

Because of the handmade nature of our products, we make the following recommendations to clients:


We recommend ordering a significant excess on the fabric (10%) in order to account for possible spots, shrinkage and blemishes.

Product care

Whilst we are happy to advise on how to care for fabrics treated by ourselves, we strongly recommend that clients make their own wash fastness tests of all products, and label care instructions accordingly.

We stress that the company was established to create fabrics for the entertainment industry where wardrobe staff are trained to look after costumes.


We cannot accept responsibility for any damage that may occur to products in washing or use. Care and usage are the responsibilities of the client. It is also at the customer’s own risk if products are sold on to the general public.

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